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Permanent MakeUp

Permanent makeup, also called a cosmetic tattoo or micropigmentation, is done with the use of a pen containing iron oxide that tattoos the skin and to create the look of makeup.

A tattoo can mimic eyeliner or lipstick, or it can darken and create the look of thicker eyebrows. It can also camouflage scars and help with the look of an uneven hairline.


Eyelash Enhancement 

Lash Enhancement or invisible eyeliner it consist of an ultra-thin black line along the upper and/or lower eyelashes line, which is tattooed  from eyelash to eyelash that creates the illusion   of a more natural fuller, thicker look of your eyelashes without looking like obvious makeup.


What Is Lip Blushing?

Lip blush is non-invasive semipermanent makeup solution (cosmetic tattoo) designed to enhances the lips color, shape and symmetry while creating the appearance of fuller lips. 


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